About Us

Olson Business Services can help you with various services to keep your business and personal life organized. For example, are you a new business owner and need help keeping records of all the various financial affairs and expenses? We specialize in bookkeeping services and can help with the organization of any purchases, sales, receipts, and payments to keep your business flourishing. In addition, we also offer a notary service. We can help you prepare legal documents, serve as an official witness needed for a signature, or certify documents by affixing them with an official seal. We also offer payroll services and accounting services. Since it is critical how you decide to pay your employees, we consider the payroll data and all parts of your business to make it easier for you and your employees. While audits can be stressful, we will work with your company to conduct a financial examination of your books, accounts, and documents to make sure your business is as productive as it could be. Set up an appointment with us at Olson Business Services to help you organize all your personal and business-related financial concerns. We will make sure that you get the results that you are seeking and that you walk out of here happy with the services that you just received. We look forward to hearing from you and getting started on what you need.